Use Timesheets to track and report your time in placements and check the status of the time you entered.

  1. Click Clinical Coursework on the Dashboard or on the menu on the left

  2. From the left panel, select the placement and scroll down the page to the Timesheet section; a tally of your total time entered, any in progress work, those that are pending review, not approved, and approved will be displayed

  3. To log more time, click on the arrow; this will display time entry grid, where you can review all time entered. Click on + Add Time Entry.

  4. Fill in the date, instructor information, time in, time out, and any notes you have about the time you need to log
    • If you need to add multiple time logs, click on add more
    • After filling in the details, click on Save

  5. Submit for Approval by checking the box to the left of the saved entry and then clicking the Submit button on right top corner of the grid
    • Once you submit time, the reviewer will review the time entered in the timesheet and mark time as approved or not approved
    • Check the grid again for the status of your submitted timesheets
    • Once a timesheet entry is approved, you do not need to take further action on the entry
    • If your timesheet entry is disapproved, please follow the previous steps to edit the entry

For additional instructions, refer to the Exxat Completing Timesheets Guide.