Temple University College of Public Health Information Technology Wiki

This website functions as a primary information and knowledge-base for IT-centric information. You can find information on various topics, services and products.

Information Technology Staff

  • Eileen Aitken, Executive Director
  • Lorraine Ford, Associate Director
  • Edward Gudusky, Associate Director
  • Matt Holmes, Assistant Director
  • Josh Harmon, Senior Technical Support Specialist
  • Ellen Papacostas, Senior Instructional Technologist
  • Dan Silver, Video Production Specialist

Student Technicians

We employ a rotating crew of highly-motivated student workers who assist with providing technical support throughout the College.
  • Aidan Blaney
  • Nicholas Bortz
  • Mariam Khan

Send e-mail to CPHIThelp@temple.edu.

  • Help requests and consultations
  • Equipment configuration and set up
  • Network and account management
  • System management
  • IT security
  • Online events


Research, Clinics, and Field Work
  • Clinical Observation and Recording System
  • Statistical software licensing: SPSS, SAS, MaxQDA
  • Systems: Qualtircs, REDCap, SimCode
  • Field and Clinical Management System
  • Telemedicine tools


  • Continually evaluate and assess new technology