Computer Support

This document is meant to provide information on how computer workstations are purchased, distributed and supported within the College of Public Health (CPH).

All computers will be purchased by CPH IT using IT Operations budget and included in the CPH Equipment Inventory System. CPH IT will maintain and manage an inventory of equipment configured to the defined CPH workstation standards.

Each CPH employee will be provided a desktop computer with the CPH standard configuration.

  • For new employees, supervisors should submit a request to at least five business days prior to new employee start date
  • For current employees, CPH IT will automatically deliver a replacement workstation after five years
    • This is monitored using an inventory tracking system
    • Replacements will be distributed during the May-August timeframe
  • Computer distribution includes:
    • Physical set up on office desk to the liking of employee
    • Imaged with standard applications
    • Added to the TU domain (All employees will be required to log in to the computer using their AccessNet username and password)
    • All updates installed
    • Network account configured on the computer
    • Data transfer from previous computer
    • Email configuration
    • Network drives added to account
    • S Drive (folders accessible based on department)
    • Connected to the department network printer(s)

Workstations supported include:

  • Dell
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Lenovo
  • Apple

If a workstation fails or is not working as it should, please submit a Help Request via one of the methods listed below:

  • “Submit a Ticket” link on TUportal
  • 215-204-8000

NOTE: Consumer models are NOT supported. Computers can only be purchased from approved vendors in TUmarketplace.

In some cases, the CPH standard configuration may not fulfill the requirements of a particular user and additional and/or non-standard equipment may be required. With permission from the department chair and CPH IT, exceptions will be made as needed.

  • Please submit a Help Request to purchase a non-standard workstation
  • or
  • Departments will be required to purchase non-standard workstations upon CPH IT approval