MySQL Installation

Students in the HIM 3113 001 Healthcare Database and Design course are required to have laptops with MySQL installed and configured to connect to the course database server.

MySQL will not work on a Mac running Catalina and requires use of BootCamp and Windows. If you have a Mac running Mojave and a 256GB or larger hard drive, it is recommended you also use BootCamp. Installing BootCamp and Windows will also enable you to install and run Access and install and use the Excel plug-in on Windows running on your Mac.

  • Step 2: From within Windows, follow the instructions above for Windows users

A Mac version of MySQL is available for Mac users unable install BootCamp and Windows on their Mac because of technology limitations. Please be aware, however, some features and functionality of the MySQL Windows version are unavailable in the Mac version, and you will be unable to install the Excel plug-in and MS Access. If you have a Mac with a 256GB or larger hard drive, it's recommended you install and run BootCamp and Windows as detailed above.