In-Class Lecture Capture Recording

Panopto is the video platform used university-wide. It enables faculty to easily record, edit, and manage video content for use within Canvas courses or on other web pages. To setup in-class recording, simply fill out a CPH Class Capture Request form at least one day in advance.


  • Schedule automatic recording of in-class sessions
  • Record remotely using laptops or mobile devices
  • Auto-chaptering and searchable auto-transcript for faculty-created videos with Personal Capture or Lecture Capture, that are automatically created while recording your lecture videos from a PowerPoint slide deck
  • Video Quiz options that send results directly to the Canvas Gradebook
  • Video Assignments which allow students to record and submit videos directly through Canvas
  • Streamlined grading process for video assignments for the faculty member, allowing faculty to grade directly with the Canvas SpeedGrader
  • Video Editing features allowing faculty to edit anywhere in the video to remove parts of the video with ease
  • Enhanced, detailed analytics on student engagement with course videos
  • Auto-captioning of all Panopto-created videos as well as faculty-uploaded videos
  • Mobile application so students can watch course videos anytime, anywhere

Benefits of In-Class Recordings

In addition to all of the features listed above, benefits include:

  • Record live in-classes meetings, capturing audio, display screen and in-class camera
  • Schedule automatic recording to occur at the course start/stop times; all you need to do is walk into the classroom, log into the computer, and teach
  • Recordings are automatically uploaded and made available in Canvas courses

Policy for Recording In-Classroom Lectures

Scheduled recordings will start and stop based on the class schedule in Banner. We cannot extend these times as it can interfere with the next instructor's setup time for their class, and does not give enough time for the recording software to finish before starting the next scheduled recording in the room.

How do I Request In-Class Recordings?

Request class capture by filling out the CPH Class Capture form. Please submit requests at least one business day in advance.

How Will Students See the Recordings?

You have several options on when and who can view the in-class lecture captures you have setup for your course.

When will videos be available to students?

  1. Immediately: All students enrolled in your Canvas course have access to the videos from that course. Canvas passes their enrollment through to Panopto to allow them permission to view the videos.
  2. After faculty review (edit): This allows you time to check the video from your in-class lecture to be sure you want to make it available, or edit off the beginning and end of the recording before you make it available to your students. Once you edit the video and save your changes, adjust the availability setting of the recording to make it available to your students. To make recordings available, go into the folder and hover over a video. Click on “Settings” and scroll down to the Availability section. Then click on “Now” to make the video available to students.

What if I only want specific students to see specific lecture capture videos?

Some faculty use the in-class lecture capture only for students who are approved to see them. For example, for student(s) who miss a particular class.

To make this the default for your course, let us know when you request your lecture capture for the semester. To do so requires additional steps to assign permissions for specific students after each recording, but this is fully within your control.

In this scenario: CPH IT academics will create a Class Capture folder within the Panopto Video area of your course. This Class Capture folder availability will be set to "never" when we schedule your lecture capture for the semester. Within this Class Capture folder, create a new folder to share with the student and move the recording into that new folder. You will also need to remove the permissions for the rest of the class from the new folder. For a full walkthrough of this process, please take a look at the Sharing with Specific Student video.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) will be offering training sessions. Please check their workshop calendar for upcoming dates and register for a session.

If you would like to review videos to get started, they are linked below:

If in-class captures are set up to be published automatically to your Canvas course, students will find the recordings by clicking on the Panopto Video link on the left-side course navigation menu to access these videos.

If you need to run Zoom but have a recording scheduled:

  • Email before your class session and we will cancel the scheduled recording for you.
  • Or, if you are in the classroom, go to the system tray on the lower right side of the Windows screen; click once on the up arrow. Then click on the green icon with the red dot in the center (this is the Panopto icon with the recording indicator), click on Stop. Then click Yes to confirm you wish to stop the recording.

After the recording has stopped, you can run Zoom as you normally would.

Automatic captioning is enabled for all Panopto videos. Review captions to make any corrections. Please see our captioning page for more information.

Students who wish to record class should speak with the instructor in advance to be respectful of classmates. Recording of lectures as a disability accommodation is permitted. Students are not permitted to copy, publish or redistribute any recordings without express permission from the instructor and any students recorded; distribution without permission may be a violation of educational privacy laws (FERPA) and copyright laws.

Instructors may record live/synchronous class sessions to share through Canvas for students unable to attend class or as a study tool. The instructor will inform the class in advance and is able to pause the recording, upon request, if there are sensitive topics being discussed. All instructor recordings are property of Temple University.

If you want to download any of your Panopto videos now or in the future, here are the steps:

  1. Click on the name of a video and a new tab will open
  2. Click the download button toward the upper right corner (looks like a down pointing arrow)
  3. The file will begin to download to your computer