Recording Studio

In the CPH recording studio, faculty and staff can create engaging, cinematic video content for courses and/or research. Equipped with pro-grade filmmaking equipment and staffed by a professional filmmaker, working in the studio will ensure you look and sound your best and result in a professional video – much better than Zoom or other computer or mobile recording software or apps.

Features include:

  • Multi-Camera filming: Switching between close and wide views allows for more variety than a typical talking head filming
  • Over-the-shoulder views: Instead of screen sharing, which has become a thing of Zoom-university and something many students are tired of, use paper, a whiteboard, an iPad, or laptop to write, draw, annotate, or walk through relevant materials; students can now see what you are demonstrating as if they are right over your shoulder
  • Professional backdrop/set design: Backdrops used in film studios and set design options are available; no more green screen
  • Enhanced studio lighting: Enhanced studio lighting can be used to create a cinematic final product
  • High-quality integrated assets: Images, videos, or PowerPoint slides can be integrated into your video as you speak

To request a consultation or schedule time in the studio, please email