Standard Computer Equipment for FT CPH Employees

The College of Public Health (CPH) provides the equipment listed below to all FT employees.

  • One standard laptop with built-in webcam and microphone
  • A docking station
  • One external monitor
  • Internet access (Wireless by default)
  • Calling from a TU phone number through Microsoft Teams Calling
  • Printing to the departmental network printer

All equipment is property of the College of Public Health and must be returned to your supervisor, chair, or director when you terminate employment with CPH.

Equipment is on a 6-7 year lifecycle, depending on equipment specifications and technical requirements.

If additional and/or alternative equipment is required, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you require an exception, contact your department's Assistant Director or Director/Chair. If approved, your department may be charged a cost differential.

Please note that all IT/AV-related purchases must be arranged through CPH IT. Purchases made by individuals using personal credit cards cannot be reimbursed.

The standard computer configuration for equipment distributed to FT CPH faculty and staff is a Windows-based laptop with one external secondary monitor. Several applications used in CPH, such as SAS, only work or work best on Windows. Below are more specific details about the standard configuration.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T14s or equivalent with 14" Full HD Display (non-touch) laptop
  • Intel i5 quad core processor or AMD Ryzen 5 processor with 6 cores
  • On board Intel HD Graphics or Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics
  • 8GB or 16GB of memory depending on product availability and/or job responsibilities
  • 256 GB solid state drive
  • Integrated webcam and microphone
  • Docking station
  • 3-year warranty with accidental damage protection
  • 22-inch external monitor
  • Optional Accessories include:
    • Laptop carrying case
    • External full-sized keyboard and mouse

Please note:

  • Due to limited and inconsistent availability of equipment, there may be a delay in obtaining equipment, and/or a different model with the same or higher specifications may be provided
  • A standard Mac configuration is available but requires approval from the department head/chair, and additional costs may be incurred by the department
  • If a desktop computer is preferred, arrangements can be made to substitute a small form-factor desktop in place of a laptop

With the introduction of the Flexible Work Arrangement, some employees may be working from on-campus and remote work spaces. Laptops are provided to accommodate that flexibility. Employees working in two or more locations will be required to transport their assigned laptop to their work location(s).

Because of budgeting and equipment availability constraints, CPH is not, at this time, able to provide duplicate technology in more than one location. (If you feel you require an exception, contact your supervisor.) CPH IT recommends employees choose one primary work location, where the majority of time-at-work is spent, to set up the docking station and any peripherals.

All faculty and staff have access to a high-speed departmental printer in a central location. Desktop printers are not provided unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

Upon separation from CPH, all equipment provided to employees by CPH must be returned to your supervisor, chair, or director, who will make arrangements to return it to CPH IT for redistribution.

Software installed on all computers includes:

  • Microsoft 365 with OneDrive and Teams
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, including Acrobat
  • Zoom
  • Chrome, Firefox, and Edge
  • SPSS upon request

More information about software and additional available software is detailed on the Software page.