CPH Canvas Course Template

All CPH courses are required to use the CPH Canvas Template to provide a consistent look and feel across all college courses and meet Quality Matters standards.

  • New CPH Instructors: If this is your first time creating a CPH Canvas course, email cphithelp@temple.edu to requesting access to the template in Canvas Commons.
  • All Instructors: The Template must be added BEFORE any course content is added to your Canvas course EACH semester. Please do not add it over content already in your course.

Watch the CPH Canvas Template Tour (video 8:14) for an overview of how the Template works.

Then follow the 3 Steps, Create, Import, Add (CIA) to set up your Canvas course and add the Template.

  1. Click on the Course Tools area found on the vertical global navigation menu (toward the bottom)
  2. Click on Banner
  3. Click on + (next to the name of the course)
  4. Click on Create (It may take a few minutes for the shell to be created; so check back to see if it is listed in your Canvas course list)

If this is the first time you are teaching in CPH, you must email cphithelp@temple.edu requesting access to the CPH Canvas Template found in the Canvas Commons. You will then import the Canvas Template from the Commons into your course shell following the steps outlined in the video below.

  • For New Courses: Use the full version of the template, following the instructions in the video below.

  • For Courses Reusing Content from a Previous Semester: Use the template that contains only the updates to the previous version of the template used; follow the instructions in the video below.

1. On the **Academic Support and Student Resources page** (please be careful when editing this page; do not remove the bullet points)

Add the following link and text:

Accessibility Resources
Find student resources related to accessibility at the link above.

Here is a screenshot of what it will look like:

2. On the **Academic Support and Student Resources page (Technology Support tab)**

Below the Help Desk information, add this text:

Check out the TECH Center facility containing PC and Mac workstations, breakout rooms, wireless printing, specialty labs and more.
Explore information related to CPH-specific tech needs, such as laptop requirements and special software installation guides for courses.

Here is a screenshot of what it will look like:

3. On the **Policies** page

Add content to your course. If you are new to Canvas or need a refresher, training is available through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Sign up is available on their workshops web page.