Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams enables you to quickly and easily make and receive voice and video calls from your laptop or smartphone. It works with callers both inside and outside the university.

  • Calls to/from People on Teams: Teams is already set up for you to initiate/receive calls to/from other Teams users.
  • Calls using your Temple phone number: Your Temple phone number can be configured to send incoming calls to Teams. Once configured, you will also be able to make calls from Teams to external users using your Temple phone number.

Enabling Microsoft Teams Calling will direct incoming calls on your TU office phone number (215-204-xxxx) to ring in Teams on your laptop and/or smartphone at the same time. It can also be configured so, when using Teams Calling to make calls to external users or phone numbers, Teams will use your TU office phone number (215-204-xxxx) as the outgoing caller ID number. This is especially helpful if, when working remotely, you need to call someone outside the university and don’t want to use your personal phone number.

  • Teams Calling can completely replace the functionality of your physical office phone
  • Voicemail left on your TU office number can be configured to be sent directly to your email as an audio attachment
  • Prior to being able to call phone numbers, you must activate Microsoft Teams Calling on your account
  • If you are part of a group or department being enabled for Teams Calling, this will be done for you by CPH IT; if you are not part of a group being enabled for Teams Calling, you can follow the Self Activation directions below
  • NOTE: Once your group or department is enabled for Teams Calling, your physical desk phone will be scheduled to be removed

There are several ways to initiate calls within Teams, and options vary depending whether you are using Teams on your laptop or smartphone. Essentially, calls are initiated in 2 ways: Call icons and the Calls button.

Call icons appear in Chat, Contacts, and other areas in Teams.

Call icons are a quick way to initiate a call from wherever you are within Teams. For example, you can easily initiate a call from within a chat.

The Calls button is available no matter where you are in Teams. It is located on the Tool bar on the left side of the screen; you may have to click on the More button (). The Call screen will be displayed when you use the Calls button.

A comprehensive guide to using Teams Calling is available on TUportal at:

CPH IT will work with departments to configure Teams Calling with faculty/staff TU phone numbers, but, if you would like to use this feature sooner-than-later, you can configure it yourself.

  • Log into TUPortal
  • Find the Telecom Self-Service link located on the left hand side
  • From the Telephone drop down, select Microsoft Teams Calling

  • Once activated, you can adjust the times when you want to Microsoft Teams to allow incoming calls

  • Make sure you also check the option to "Use for Outbound Calls"
  • In order to set your voicemails to be sent to your email, please contact