Currently configured prototype rooms:

  • CPH Conference Room 2

The Paley Prototype Conference Room is equipped with:

  • Wall-mounted Display with Speakers: Room speakers are in the Display.
  • Camera with Microphone: The room microphone is contained in the camera.
  • ScreenBeam Wireless Connection Device: Using a wireless Internet connection, ScreenBeam enables you to connect any iOS or Windows device to the installed Display, Speakers, Camera and Microphone.
  • Wireless Internet Connection: Enables you to connect a laptop or other mobile device to the TUwireless network. The Screenbeam is also connected to TUwireless.
  • A touch-screen Scheduling Panel: Located outside the room to display the room schedule and to schedule "Right-Now" ad-hoc meetings.

The Paley Prototype Conference Room is NOT equipped with:

  • Computer: You must bring your own laptop or other mobile device.
  • Wired Internet Connection: If using the Internet, you must connect via TUwireless.

To connect your device to the Display and Speakers only:

  1. From your laptop or mobile device, initiate the connection
    • For Windows: Swipe Right or press Windows-K
    • iOs and macOS: Connect with AirPlay

  2. Select the room’s ScreenBeam device (CPH Conference Room 2) and click Connect

  3. Enter the 4-digit code on the Display and select Display

Note: If you are using Zoom and use the Quick Connect option, you will not be able to use the room-installed camera and microphone. Only the camera/microphone on your device will be available.

Using the ScreenBeam application, you can connect your device to the room-installed Device, Camera, Speakers, and Microphone. Use this option for best results when hosting a Zoom or Teams meeting.

  1. Open the ScreenBeam application

  2. Select Project and Conference

  3. Select the room’s ScreenBeam device (CPH Conference Room 2) and click on Connect

  4. Enter the 4-digit code on the Display and click Display

Note: The ScreenBeam application is only available for laptops. All CPH-owned laptops have ScreenBeam pre-installed. For non-CPH devices, download ScreenBeam at

For your privacy, it’s imperative you disconnect from ScreenBeam before you leave the conference room.

Warning: If you do not Disconnect from the ScreenBeam device, your device will remain connected until you disconnect from the Temple wireless network.

  • This means you could still be projecting to the conference room display from your office
  • In addition, other users will be unable to connect to the ScreenBeam until you disconnect

To disconnect: From the ScreenBeam toolbar at the top of the screen, click Disconnect