Student Tools for Video - Panopto

Panopto is more than just lecture-capture. The product includes tools to encourage active learning in and outside of the classroom.

Students can take notes while reviewing recorded lectures. When taking notes while watching a recording, the notes will be time-stamped, corresponding to times in the video. Students can review sections of the video by clicking on a note, which will take them to that time-stamp in the video. The notes create a study guide for students.

Students can bookmark areas in a video that they can refer back to in the future. The bookmark is time-stamped and is only visible to the user who created the bookmark. Students can easily access all of their bookmarks in one location.

If enabled by the instructor, students can post comments in the discussion area of a video. Students have the option to post anonymously and respond to other students' questions/comments. Instructors can post and respond to questions, as well as delete discussion posts.

Panopto's video search allows users to search for keywords within videos to find the timestamp in the video a topic was discussed.

Panopto has a quiz feature that allow for retention checks while students are watching a video.