Working on Fall Canvas Courses Over the Summer

If you are working on your Fall course(s) in early or mid-summer and the Fall 2023 CPH Canvas Course Template isn't yet available, it's best to create an Administrative Shell to prepare your content before you move it into your Banner Shell.

The administrative shell allows a place to begin building your content like quizzes, assignments, PowerPoints, and links to videos. Note: Administrative shells do not contain enrollment.

  1. In Canvas, click on Course Tools
  2. Click on Shell Request
  3. Select Administrative Shell
  4. Provide a name for the shell
  5. Click Create

When the Fall Template becomes available, you will receive an e-mail from the Associate Deans.

Follow the steps below to create your Fall Canvas Course using the Fall 2023 Template and content from your Administrative Shell.

  1. From the Banner tab in Canvas, create your fall course shell
  2. Import the Fall 2023 template
  3. Copy the content from the Administrative Shell into your new Banner shell

For more detailed instructions on the steps above, please refer to CPH Canvas Template page.

Important Note: The sequence of the steps above is very important. Follow the steps in order to ensure the template is added to the course before the content is copied into the course.