Sample Proctorio Quiz Questions

These four Yes/No questions to verify the student’s understanding of Proctorio were shared by Heather Porter, Associate Professor, College of Public Health.

Question #1: Getting Ready for a Proctorio Test

Before taking a Proctorio quiz, prepare by doing the tasks below. Do you understand these instructions?

  • Use a reliable computer with reliable Internet connection
  • Use the most up-to-date version of the Google Chrome web browser; the test will only work with the current version of the Chrome
  • If you are taking the quiz out-of-class, use a computer that has a working microphone and webcam
  • Have your TempleID close by; Proctorio may ask you to take a picture of it to verify your identity
  • Turn your cell phone and any other electronic communication devices, such as cell phones and tablets, off; using a phone or any other communication device during the test is strictly prohibited
  • Turn Messenger off to prevent text messages from popping up on your computer screen
  • Take test in a quiet environment; turn off any extraneous background noises, such as music or from the TV music

Answer Choices: Yes/No

Question #2: Opening a Proctorio Test

Use the instructions below to begin a Proctorio test. Do you understand these instructions?

  • Using Google Chrome, log into the Canvas course, and click on the quiz
  • If required, complete a series of initial checks, such as making sure your webcam and audio are working; the initial checks only take a few minutes
  • If you receive a screen asking for a password, it is most likely due to connectivity issues. If this occurs, contact Proctorio by clicking on the grey shield in the upper right toolbar; support is available 24/7

Answer Choices: Yes/No

Question #3: During a Proctorio Test

When taking a Proctorio quiz, follow the rules below. Do you understand these rules?

  • Minimize the video picture of yourself on the computer screen, if you prefer
  • Refrain from making noise whenever possible (self-talk, humming, singing, talking to a pet)
  • Refrain from moving your location whenever possible
  • Do not wear headphones or ear pods
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke, or engage in other activities
  • Do not click on the “stop sharing screen button” at the bottom of your screen (This will end your Proctorio quiz and require you to log back on to continue the test. When students stop sharing their screen, it raises a red flag (suspicious behavior), as students could be looking up answers and then logging back into the test. Consequently, your screen MUST be shared continuously throughout the entire test.)
  • Do not take pictures of the test (all electronic devices should be off anyhow)
  • If you get kicked-out of the test for any reason, simply log back into the test

*The instructions on EACH test will let you know if you are allowed to reference materials during the test or not.

Answer Choices: Yes/No

Question #4: Proctorio Test Review

After you submit the test, you will see your grade and be able to review your test answers. Do you understand the statements below?

  • While reviewing test results, students are REQUIRED to follow all of the previously listed instructions (e.g., no cell phone use, no turning off the screen share button, etc.)
  • If you have a question about a test question, simply write down the number of the question and reach out to the instructor for clarification

Answer Choices: Yes/No