Proctorio: Sample Text to Add to Syllabus and/or Course Information Module

This sample text was provided by Heather Porter, Associate Professor, College of Public Health.

Students will take quizzes/exams online in this course. To ensure students complete quizzes/exams in an ethical manner, an electronic proctoring program called Proctorio ( will be used. Proctorio verifies students’ identity, blocks availability to other webpages, prevents copy/paste/print, records video and audio of test sessions, and flags suspicious activity during recorded test-session. After quizzes/exams are complete, the instructor reviews a report from Proctorio to identify possible test-taking infractions. Any form of academic misconduct during proctored exams are subject to the policies specified by Temple’s Academic Disciplinary Committee.

Please note at the time of each quiz/exam, students must have access to a:

  • Quiet space
  • Computer
  • Web camera (USB or internal)
  • Microphone (USB or internal)
  • Temple ID

If you are unable to complete a proctored exam and/or need to request for alternative test taking options, contact the instructor immediately.

For additional information about online proctoring with Proctorio, please visit the Support for Test-Takers and FAQ page.