Reserving a Conference Room

The most important thing to note is that while everybody will have View access to the conference room calendars, only some people will have full access to the conference room calendars.

  • Walk up to the conference room and if the touch panel lights are GREEN you can click the Reserve button on the panel to reserve the room. You can choose your end time up until the next scheduled meeting in the room.
  • NOTE: you can NOT reserve future meetings directly from the touch panel.

When you select New Event on your calendar in Outlook, you will see a section to add a location. Enter the date and time of your event then type the name of the conference room (CPH Conference Room 2 for this example) in the add a location field. It should auto-populate when you begin typing.

  • If you are able to edit the calendar - when you save the event it will save directly on the calendar
  • If you are not able to edit the calendar - when you save the event, it will send a request to reserve the room to one of the approvers of the calendar. A hold will be placed on the calendar at this time. You will receive an email once the even request is either approved or rejected.
  • NOTE: your event is NOT scheduled until you receive an approval email
  • If you have full calendar access (you likely have already been notified) then you can add the calendar to your Outlook application and create events following the same process as your own personal calendar.
  • If you do not have full calendar access, you must contact somebody that can create events. You will be able to view the calendar by adding it to your Outlook (or by viewing the calendar on the existing website