Leave Request System

This page documents usage and support for the CPH Leave Request system ("the Leave system"), located at: https://cphapps.temple.edu/leave

The workflow for the Leave system is simple.

  1. Employees select day(s) to request to be out of the office in the "Request Leave" tab
  2. The request is sent to the appropriate supervisor, who will receive email notification with the request
  3. The supervisor logs into the Leave system; supervisors can see the requested days in the "Manage tab"
  4. Supervisor has the option to either approve/deny the request from the "Pending Request" table or can use the "popup" action for a more granular approach
  5. The supervisor, employee, and the timekeeper will get email notification of the approval or denial

Login at located at: cphapps.temple.edu/leave. The login area is in the top-right of the screen.

If you are on a mobile device, you will have to expand the hamburger menu first:

The Leave system has four major pages, that are accessible as tabs:

Click the items below to see more detailed information about the features available on each page.

Timekeepers will see an additional tab:

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.